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Let’s take a look at different SEO projects and dive into the process of optimizing websites for better search engine performance.   

SEO case studies showcase proven strategies to enhance search engine performance. By analyzing the key findings from each case study below, you’ll gain valuable insights into the tactics used and uncover actionable ideas to elevate your own project.  There are numerous resources online that can help and guide you on how to optimize your site but let’s face it, there are just so many hats we can wear.  If you need help with SEO then contact us when you’re ready! 

One of my new clients is a Boston based capital management firm, Polaris Capital. Polaris Capital has been working for three decades as a trusted investment partner primarily assisting institutional investors, endowments, insurance companies, and other organizations who need help with smart investments.

My new SEO project for Polaris Capital aims to bring visibility to their expertise in tailored global investment management solutions. I’ll be focusing on their strengths in global equity management for institutions, retirement planning with international equity investment, customizable separately managed accounts for high net worth individuals, and the specialized pooled vehicles they offer for endowments.

Their key products include the Polaris Global Multi-Cap, Polaris International Multi-Cap, Polaris International Small Cap, Polaris U.S. Small Cap, and Polaris U.S. Banks and Thrifts.

SEO Objectives for this project are:

  • Evaluate current search engine performance and find new opportunities for online traffic.  This involves reviewing what search terms are bringing in traffic and which ones need attention.
  • Handle technical optimization and implement stronger SEO protocol
  • Offer guidance in better messaging and communication to their potential consumer base.
  • Make sure all SEO changes are properly communicated with main search engines.

Another great client of mine is a Boston area e-waste recycling company whose site needed some TLC when it comes to properly structuring content, resesarching and writing content for long-tail keywords and handling monthly SEO evaluation and optimization.  

Surplus Technology Solutions is Massachusetts trusted partner in responsible and compliant electronics recycling. They offer comprehensive services to help businesses of all sizes manage their e-waste, including:

  • Electronics Recycling: they safely and securely recycle a wide range of electronics, from computers and servers to laboratory and medical equipment.
  • Data Destruction: Their certified data destruction services ensure your sensitive information is permanently erased.
  • IT Asset Disposition: They help you maximize the value of your retired IT assets through remarketing and resale.

With their convenient pickup service, certified processes, and commitment to environmental sustainability, they make it easy for Massachusetts businesses to do the right thing with their old technology.

Why Boston Companies Use Surplus Technology Solutions?

  • Certified and Compliant: They adhere to all state and federal regulations, ensuring your e-waste is handled responsibly.
  • Secure Data Destruction: Your sensitive data is completely destroyed, protecting your business and your customers.
  • Environmentally Responsible: They prioritize sustainable practices, minimizing the impact of e-waste on the environment.

Dr. Jessica Leavell, a Massachusetts-based licensed psychologist, offers personalized therapy sessions tailored to people struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, life transitions, or simply seeking personal growth. Her holistic approach can help people find their inner strength and resilience.  There is an abundant amount of therapists online thus it was difficult to rise above the others but by focusing on frequent posts in Google Business plus writing in more detail her services, the site was able to gain ground. 


Her focus on anxiety therapy for Boston and Massachusetts residents has helped numerous patients and continues to be one of her pillars.

SEO Objectives for this project are:

  • Evaluate current search engine keywords performance and find new opportunities for online traffic.  
  • Increase Google My Business traffic for a SAB (service area business) 
  • Handle technical optimization and implement stronger SEO protocol
  • Make sure all SEO changes are properly communicated with main search engines.