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Welcome to Digital808

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Traffic is almost zero for your key pages and you have no clue why.
  • you’re frustrated that your most important pages don’t rank in search engines.
  • You need to boost your search engine spot for your main pages and outrank competition
  • You consider your site an EXPENSE, when in fact it should be a revenue generating business tool!

My name is Fil and I am the owner and chief designer guru of Digital808 studio.  With two amazing coders we are a Boston web design agency offering web design, Commerce, WordPress and SEO services to clients all over the world. 

It Begins with a Strategy

Prior to any site work the first step is to create a strategy that takes into account your companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  My goal is to build you a website that attracts traffic AND converts it into action. 

As a marketing & economics major from Cornell University I utilize my education and experience to help and build you a site that will have a strong online presence, bring you traffic, and convert that traffic into customers. 

Call today 617-466-9286 and lets talk web & SEO!

Web Design & Proper SEO

Most web design studios are run by designers and from day one the focus becomes … presentation.  As a Cornell econ & marketing student I learned that everything must start with research; understanding the clients business, customer demographics, competitors offerings and positioning.  

Once you and I understand what challenges we will face, then I focus on web design, brand, messaging, site features, web application development, hosting,  commerce, search engine optimization and so forth.

Measure twice, cut once … sharply.  

Recently worked on Websites...

Please check out the following projects we have recently worked on.  The work typically involves from one to all of our services  such as new design, redesign, branding and market research, SEO and Optimization work and more.  Reach out if you need help with anything, or click here to see other samples of our site works.

Atlantic Pure Water Company project involved the design and creation of a new professional web site and SEO configuration for this up and coming bottleless water cooler systems company located in Providence Rhode Island.  Selling water coolers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Velawcity, Inc. Virtual Paralegal Support Services is a paralegal outsourcing company who works with attorneys, law firms, and corporations who are searching for a virtual paralegal service. This company covers a variety of paralegal support services and educates the industry on topics like Delaware LLCs, and more.

Datamine Discovery, an eDiscovery Boston firm is a technologies company that works with litigation attorneys and corporate departments to help them with ESI or “electronically stored information” including their collection, investigation, review and production.  eDiscovery services are offered to both law firms and corporations.

Executive Strategies Group International is a women-led, retained leadership advisory consulting firm who services some of the largest business all over the globe.  ESGI operates from Hong Kong and needed a new site and a new logo design that is bold, modern, and sensitive to the different cultural differences. 

Daylight 24 Daylight Lamps project involved full market evaluation and a new strategy how to best sell their unique line of daylight lamps.  Site contains many unique SEO and e-commerce features to increase the conversion ratio.  This project also takes advantage of monthly SEO support. 

ACThoughtful Fractional COO is a Minnesota based micro-business consulting agency let by Jenny Erickson who is a key Fractional COO Specialist and consultant.  My work goal was to help this company gain better search engine traction and assist them in communicating some of the new micro-business consulting services.  

Some of my Previous Design & SEO Works Done For...

SEO Services in Boston, including WordPress Design and Search Engine Optimization Help

Clean code and SEO Tagging

Code from Scratch or in WP Environment

Performs Great On All Platforms

WordPress is a very powerful web platform that you can build ANY web site on.  It utilizes modern languages like HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and much more.  Over 30% of web sites now run on WordPress and we are gurus of it!  We can also custom build WordPress plugins when need be.

Another option when needed is to create your future web site from scratch.  If you do not have preference for one or the other, we will decide what approach is best after we have a better understanding of your business and its online needs.  

Correct SEO Planning Can Yield Solid Traffic


There is no use having a website that can’t be found using search engines. Our Websites are developed according to good coding, speed (download) and markup practices and recommendations from the major search engines.  Heavy keyphrase research is done to better understand what keywords to go after, what might be problematic, and which keywords represent strong conversion opportunities for the site to be built around.  All of this is monitored with the use of Google Analytics and other tools.  After awhile we can evaluate what yields good web site traffic and what needs improvement.  This is all part of our services when we formulate a long term strategy for your web site.  You can learn more about our SEO services here.

Giving Support Where Needed…
As a freelancer, a father of two, and a world explorer I firmly believe in supporting organizations that are working hard to preserve our ecology and natural beauty.  I fully support these not-for-profits and encourage ALL business owners to pick an organization they are passionate about and supporting them.  

My Resources blog has useful information on how to better rank in search engines, retain your visitors longer and more.  Visit some popular sections here: SEO, online marketing, design and more.  You can also view my web projects in my portfolio.