A Little Something About Me…

You went ahead and clicked anyway!  You really won’t gain much from this section besides learning a bit about me.  Why dedicate a page to writing about myself (and you can still back out!)?  One thing I learned from almost two decades of running this business is that its good to get to know people you work with long-term not only on a business level, but also on a slightly more personal level.  I am fortunate enough to still have almost all of my original clients, and I made an effort to get to know them more than just as a client.  This is why I decided to share a few things about me, and you are welcome to chat with me about the non work stuff.  

I currently live in Boston burbs now and have two daughters, both very smart and very active.  They are everything to me and I love spending time with them (and yes they can get under my skin, kids).  Living in New England is absolutely amazing as it gives us a little bit of everything; mountains, lakes, ocean, forests, cosmopolitan life, great schools and more.  During our three day weekends we tend to venture out, way out.  My wife and I take our kids either into the mountains, or to one of the small towns like Burlington VT where we enjoy the small city life, great dining, nature and more.  Throughout my girls life they have known that dad LOVES to get out of the house.  

During our longer vacations we travel all over the world.  My kids have been to quite a few countries and I will continue to take them to far away places as that’s what life is all about; experiences.  On our trips I push them to try and experience things more than an ordinary tourist would.  We hike higher, eat more “local”, walk that extra mile and just try to see what its like for people who live there.  My kids have been to Germany, Austria, Scotland, Iceland, Canada and quite a bit of the Hawaiian Islands.  Oh, and we have traveled through quite a bit of America as well!  On our trips I try to teach them how important preservation of nature, and cultures is and what philanthropy is all about.  I think they are getting it 🙂

I work hard and have a great pool of clients that have made all of this possible.  Each year I will take my family somewhere amazing and that is a constant in my life.

Besides being a dad I enjoy reading sciences, history and a bit of fiction.  I am huge into stereo systems and love listening to music (classic and electronica). I am a “stereophile” and really enjoy listening to fine music while I read.  I continue to be a big fan of video games (PS4).  At times my brain is fried and I just need a simple entertaining activity.

As for my past, born in Poland and moved to the States when I was ten.  I went to Cornell University for undergrad where I received a B.S. in Marketing and Economics and met my wife who was an undergrad in Psychology and Biology.  We have been together since then.

As for work, there are evenings where I have to work till 1am to get caught up but normally I try not to.  From 5 to 9 and majority of the weekend time I am a dad and won’t touch my laptop unless its a fire (those are rare though).  I work to live, not live to work.  I hope you do as well!

Us in Austria
Austria and Germany. My girls first international trip, a success.
My girls in Iceland
A grueling hike behind them in Iceland. After going up for 2.5 hours on a very steep incline I decided to pull the plug on this one as I noticed my girls were exhausted (what? kids? exhausted?!). I am incredibly proud of my girls and the hikes they have done with me, but sometimes you just have to turn around and take them to an ice cream shop and then swimming.

I love to travel with my family and my friends. I work hard, (darn hard) to make sure I can do this. I don't spend a ton of money on myself, but I do spend a lot on adventures. Thank you for all who helped!