Website Optimization Tips and How They can Help You Get Ranked Higher in Search Engines

August 5, 2022

What is Website Optimization?

Website Optimization is an essential part of website development that often goes overlooked, resulting in a “slow” or “lagging” website, or other deficiencies that deflate your overall SEO score.  It is a key technical science that has to be implemented so that your position in search engines is steady and potentially continues to grow.

How to Make Your Website Load Faster for Better Rankings?

The first and most important step is to be mindful of the size of your images and files. If you are using high-resolution images, make sure that you resize them down to a smaller size for your website.  Keep in mind that a large part of your traffic will use mobile devices where download size may be problematic.  It will be important that you learn how to resize your images and compress them.

Another thing you can do is to use CSS instead of images for design elements like buttons, borders, or backgrounds. You can also use CSS animations instead of JavaScript animations. This will make your webpage load faster and it will perform better on mobile devices.

If you are using a popular site platform like WordPress there are numerous high end applications that you can install on top of your site to further increase its overall speed and lower its code density.

Quality web hosting also plays a key role. Your site will load faster and will have much less downtime if you use a provider that has data centers near your target audience.  I would recommend staying away from **budget** web hosting providers as they often stuff their servers with small sites which ultimately results in major lags, security issues and more headaches.

Why is Having a Secure Website Important?

Having a secure website is important because it helps to protect your customers and your company from hackers. Just as important, Google and other search engines prefer secure web sites preference. Majority of search engine traffic comes from mobile visitors and the user experience on a mobile device is poor when an insecure site loads. Google wants to make their user’s experience better, so they are incentivizing sites to be secure.

How to Boost Your Rankings With Local SEO Techniques?

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for local search results.  This means that your site will rank higher for searches that are geographically relevant to your business, such as “lawn care in Washington D.C.,” where if you live in D.C. you will only see companies in D.C., or “electrician in San Francisco, CA” where a SF consumer can find a nearby electrician and not someone who ranks #1 in NYC!

It is imperative that you create a Google Business Page for your company IF your customer base is local and be sure to link it to your website. This will allow potential customers find your location, contact information, hours of operation and more.    Here are some additional posts about Local SEO and Google Business pages.

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