How To Create Converting Local Service Pages – by SEO Mastermind Tim Kahlert

August 8, 2022

I recently read this perfect little summary on how to plan, write and build local service pages from an industry SEO specialist Tim Kahlert and (with his approval of course!) and I wanted to share this with you.

If your or your client’s website doesn’t contain specific service pages you’re losing customers, every day! It sounds obvious that we need to show our prospects what we do, but in fact, most business websites have no service page strategy in place.

The most common mistakes are

  • no service pages at all
  • not enough content
  • services pages doesn’t exactly say why a customer should contact the business in the first place

That´s why I thought I bring some light into the darkness. If you implement the following tactics about service pages your website will be way ahead of 99% of small business websites in the world.

Here Are My Best SEO Tips

Appropriate titles.
Make sure your title is crystal clear and accurate. Avoid irrelevant and broad terms that don’t described your service precisely.

Don’t be too salesy!
Keep the language simple and create content that is easy to understand. Describe your respective service clearly while putting yourself into the position of the customer. What´s interesting to them? It´s certainly not something like “we’re the best in our area, …”

Focus on the benefits of your services, not the features!
Here´s a pro tip: If you really want to persuade someone to buy from you, show them the benefits of the benefits. If your customer has a dead engine then the actual benefit is not that you repair their engine, no – the actual benefit is that he’s able to get to work, pick up their children, get some groceries etc. This triggers emotional responses which increase the chance of people buying from you tremendously. I think you get the idea.

Tell your customers why they should choose you over your competitors.
Describe the benefits of working with you. This is not the same as the benefits of your services. This is about explaining and emphasizing the unique selling proposition. Why should they choose you? If you’re not sure what you do differently, then figure it out. And if you can’t find anything, be yourself, everywhere! Add reviews & testimonials, certification badges, videos about how you do it, photos of projects you’ve finished etc. It´s all about gaining trust and credibility. If you show your personal face to your prospects on your service pages they’re way more likely to convert into paying customers.

Call to action.
Don’t forget to add a clear call to action to each of your service pages. I’ve seen thousands of useless service pages that would never even convert a cat. So make sure your visitor knows what to do to get their problems solved.

Follow Tim Kahlert on LinkedIn here or visit his SEO consulting site here.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from him and I strongly recommend his material for anyone who is in need of additional SEO attention!

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