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Learning and implementing SEO basics isn’t difficult but the more you dive in, the more you realize how exponentially complicated it starts to get.  With a low barrier of entry just about anyone can implement the SEO basics.  Sadly the basics isn’t enough.  Lots of businesses use the trial and error SEO method where they try just about anything, but don’t really know what yields good results and what is worthless.  Often they walk away disappointed, convinced that their website will never be revenue positive.  That’s where paying for experience can really help.

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My name is Filip and I am a Boston SEO consultant with a decade plus of experience, a degree in Marketing and Economics from Cornell University, and lots of experience in organic site optimization.  Most of the clients I service are local businesses who are in the greater Boston & Cambridge area, though I have lots of great customers all over the United States, Europe and Asia.  My clients are small to medium size businesses in a wide range of industries who I help with monthly SEO and web design services.  Yes your site can be more than just “proof” that you have a site!  If you even have slight interest in exploring this service then contact me at 617-466-9286 or click here to contact me online.  There is no pressure to use me for your SEO.  As an SEO consultant I can help and create a plan YOU can implement, or you can use me to do all the heavy lifting!

Proper SEO requires a deep understanding of tools that communicate with search engines

We help with Google AdWords (logo shown) for our Boston SEO Services
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We help with Google AdWords (logo shown) for our Boston SEO Services

The SEO Services Process - How SEO Work is Done and What You Should Expect

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What Many Businesses Do for SEO & Why Its Not Working...

  • Trial and Error – I meet lots of businesses who are using a large pool of terms but don’t really know which of their keywords work, how they net any results, and how to further leverage those terms.
  • Hiring Phantom SEO Consultants – Some businesses hire an “SEO specialist” who ends up being a sales rep for a large faceless outsourcing firm.  You probably got those emails before with loads of promises and wild claims for a low monthly fee.  After awhile the results and months and months of payments give the business very little movement in search engines, turning off the owner from what is truly possible with solid SEO strategy.  
  • The Keyword Stuffing “Special” – Some firms get stuck with a site that looks like someone stuffed the same keyword a thousand times. You have seen those pages that show the same term a hundred times on a page, and the grammar sounds absolutely awful.  Maybe a search engine will pick up on it, but a consumer will be totally turned off.  What’s the point?!

Companies get stuck with little to no results and lose faith in the potential that well established search engine optimization campaign can offer.  

What Should Be Done for Healthy Search Engine Presence...

Most SEO companies focus on getting all the “technical stuff” optimized for search engine inclusion, often overlooking a step that’s even more important for a sites long-term performance.

One of the most important variables that’s either overlooked or downplayed is called “site stickiness”, and its huge.  Site stickiness is the process of gaining the correct traffic, and retaining their interest on your site.  It makes total sense! When Google sees a visitor click on a search result link and spend lots of time on that site, Google considers this to be both successful match in search results, and good site (otherwise why would the user spend so much time on it?).  You will rank higher for that keyword.  Conversely a site that’s clicked on only to be backed out of within seconds, is considered to be a irrelevant site for that keyword, thus its ranks drop.

SEO is all about 1) improving your websites visibility in search engines, 2) attracting only the consumer base you can service and just as important, 3) retaining them on the web site for a longer period of time. I can help your site .  

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If you are still looking around then why not visit my Resources blog and learn more about SEO, online marketing, design and more.  You can also view my web projects in my portfolio.

Recently worked on Websites...

Please check out the following projects my programmer and I have worked on.  The work typically involves from one to all of our services  such as new design, redesign, branding and market research, SEO and Optimization work and more.  Reach out if you need help with anything, or click here to see other samples of our site works.

Daylight 24 Daylight Lamps project involved full market evaluation and a new strategy how to best sell their unique line of daylight lamps.  Site contains many unique SEO and e-commerce features to increase the conversion ratio.  This project also takes advantage of monthly SEO support. 

Black Isle Global project involved market research and industry profile build out before we started to work on design and message.  We collaborated with a terrific UK based writer to provide keyword focused site content.  Work also involved design, mobile phone optimization, SEO work, and more.  

Mitchell Wachtel is a North Andover podiatrist.  The project involved full site redesign with a focus on offering very lean and fast mobile browsing.  Work also involved keyword research and content rewrite (where appropriate), site redesign, mobile phone optimization, SEO work, and more.  

Auspod Design is a boutique interior design firm focusing on commercial projects all over the world.  The project involved full site redesign.  Work also involved keyword research and content rewrite (where appropriate), site redesign, mobile phone optimization, SEO work, and more.