The Value of Paying On Time, For Any Business…

March 28, 2019

Being a small business owner, I definitely put additional value on clients who pay on time.  The majority of my clients are terrific, great at what they do, and pay their invoices before they are due.  Some pay immediately, but there are a few that take months to make a payment.  They are good for it but, for whatever reason, my invoice just goes to the bottom of their pile.  You and I, as business owners, are aware that it requires extra effort for clients to make timely or immediate payment.  I respect that, so when those clients call me with an urgent matter, I am more than willing to help them out.  Those that have a spotty track record in making payment, unless their web site is totally down, will have to wait until I can get to them.  I am a studio with a three person team and we are busy!  Ideally, everyone would get attention and respect in equal measure, with nobody receiving preferred treatment.  In reality that is difficult, especially when I have to re-send an invoice reminder several times before its taken care of.

This isn’t meant to be a shaming article but a reminder that part of being a professional is taking care of things when need be (and what was agreed upon since day one), not when you want to.  As a small business owner I am sure you had this happen to you as well.   As the old saying goes, treat others how you wish to be treated.