Who is Your True Local Competition and What Can You Do About It

It is very difficult determining the SEO rankings of other local shops as Google gives you search results based on your location, and often you are doing searches while not being present at that location. Let’s say you live in Andover Massachusetts, have a shop in Cambridge and wish to search and find your business’s competitors in Cambridge Massachusetts.  If you perform this search while in Andover, Google will show you the best search results for Andover, which will not be the same search results as you’d see while doing this search in Cambridge.  There is a terrific search tool that gives you truest “local” search results for other localities. Why does this matter?

This becomes critical because you need to see what your consumers who live near your business see when they do a search.

BrightLocal Localized Search Results is a must for anyone whose business relies on “local” customers (think of a plumber who services a few nearby towns, downtown optometrist whose patients walk to, or a restaurant which delivers in a 5 mile region, etc). BrightLocal application gives you Google search results that a consumer from a particular spot will get.

This is a great resource for any business owner who wants to optimize their organic search results for a particular location. You can see what the locals see in search results; who ranks the highest to lowest. Now you can further look at your strongest competitors’ structure, content and keywords, and enhance your site so that you can compete for those terms. Give it a try here: https://www.brightlocal.com/local-search-results-checker/

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