Best Cambridge Web Design Agency

Looking for the Best Cambridge Web Design Agency?  Here’s how to do it…

You’re looking for someone to handle your web design or SEO project.  You have a good idea of what you’d like to get accomplished with your new web site and are about to start your “hunt” for that ideal web designer or web design studio.  What exactly should you be looking for before you a sign a contract?  I’ve done web design and SEO for 15+ years and wanted to share some advice that I hope will help you get a great web developer.  My advice is to consider the following points.

  • It goes without saying that you will want to have a contract when all is said and done.  Never work with someone who can’t spell out their terms and the costs.  It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated contract that’s overly detailed but get one that you understand and that you agree upon.  Some terms may be negotiable, so ask if something doesn’t sit well.
  • Ask lots of questions.  Make sure you are comfortable with what they propose to do.  Be cautious of the “we will figure that out when we get there” as those may be issues that might end up costing you more.
  • Ask for references if you’re still not comfortable, and have a set of questions prepared to ask.  Bottom line is, you are paying an SEO consultant or web developer a lot of money, so do your homework.
  • Make sure that, from the get-go, you get all login details for whatever they are setting up and/or buying in your name.  You will need a hosting space and a domain name, both of which must be registered in YOUR business name.  Both of these business assets you should have login details for.  When you get the login info, try to log in to make sure you have access should anything happen, as it will…  Not to scare you but the web design industry is a bit flaky (more on this here) so protect yourself.
  • Look for someone who can also help you with search engine optimization.  Find out what’s covered, what’s involved and make sure the optimization conversation takes place before any work begins.  Search engine optimization is a game plan you should have and understand before your content takes form.  Good SEO research will also tell you what things people are looking for, how they are finding it, what to avoid and so on.  This often will alter how you wish to position yourself and how you will write content.
  • Contact your friends and business associates who have a site and ask them what were some issues they encountered and what to look for.  You will learn a lot from someone else’s experience.

There are many good Boston web design SEO agencies and Cambridge web design SEO agencies, and I hope this advice helps you find a great one!  Lastly, if you’re still not 100% comfortable, then reach out to me and perhaps I can give you a better deal.  I too am a web designer, SEO consultant and would be happy to compete for your bid.