When SEO Really Works!

There are two things I keep witnessing amateur SEOers doing, often with very poor results.  First is the try everything method.  This is the approach where, after reading a whole bunch of articles on SEO, they will try placing numerous keywords in their meta tags.  They will also dump these terms into their content as many times as possible, and so on.  The results often are poor.  Second thing is their lack of consistency.  There is no general SEO execution plan, and that often yields poor results with the eventual withdrawal from an SEO campaign.  Sound familiar?  Let me explain why this never really works.

The SEO Coach and Gym Metaphor

Think of SEO (organic search engine optimization) as going to the gym.  How many times have you seen positive gain after one week of working out?  I thought so…  Although I am not an exercise coach, I am betting that the best results happen when you are following an exercise plan that was put together by an exercise coach who took the time to evaluate your current condition and then came up with a solid plan.  That exercise plan will take months of routine working out but, if you stick to it, you can get fantastic results!

Such a workout model is also the approach that works best in SEO.  You can’t just do a whole bunch of tweaks all at once and consider it done.  You need to have a well established plan and then routinely contribute some time to it in order to grow your sites traffic!

Here are a couple of things you can do if you are serious about improving your organic search engine optimization.

  1. If you simply don’t know much about SEO (or know it but are very busy and need the help), then you can hire someone like me to get this work done for you.  Your SEO consultant / coach will go over what’s involved, show you the plan of action, and then take care of this for you on a monthly basis.  You will be able to track the results and be provided with feedback as the plan goes forward.
  2. If you are a savvy tech person and know how to do the setup stuff, then hire an SEO consultant and have them evaluate your current plan, make suggestions to it, and then you do the rest!  If you don’t have a plan, then have them come up with one for you.  At least you have a blue print that you can follow.  Remember that best athletes in the world rely on nutritionists, performance coaches, and so on.  If you have been doing things with no improvements, get someone to help you.

Keep in mind that, just like going to the gym, expect about three months to start noticing the results, and you will see them.  The bottom line is you have to have a good plan and you gotta stick to it!  I have been doing search engine optimization for 15+ years and would be happy to help you out with either one of those approaches.  You are welcome to learn more about my Boston and Cambridge Local SEO services by clicking here or calling me at 617-466-9286.  Although I am in the Boston area, I have clients all over the United States and would welcome the opportunity to hear what you’ve been up to and how its going!